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To see Visit Diano Marina

Thriving tourist town, Diano Marina has very ancient roots.

The first human settlements date back to the Paleolithic, but it was in Roman times that these communities began to organize themselves into a real village. This was possible mainly for the economic development of the area. In fact, thanks to its geographical position and climate, the local people began to dedicate themselves to the cultivation and olive tradition.

Even today, the "Taggiasca" olive is the treasure of our region and one of the most developed activity, along with tourism For those who like to rediscover this tradition, the hill that is surrounding the entire Gulf but also our property, is full of mills and vineyards (famous wines of the region: Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese)

You can also relive the pressing, its history and therefore its changes in several mills in the area.
The most famous is the one of "Carli Olive Oil", with its museum located in Imperia Oneglia.

The museum is open daily, from Monday to Saturday (except Sundays and public holidays): 8.30a.m/ 12.30p.m and 3.30p.m/ 6.30p.m.

Panoramic and relaxing the famous promenade which allows you to arrive at Oneglia, with bicycles or walking, but also it offers the access to the spectacular beaches with clear water and a rich seabed.

Snorkeling and diving in this area are very suggestive
Excursions for cetacean sighting are available from the harbor of Porto Maurizio, Imperia and Andora. Also for sportsmen, there are many trails for walking and biking, with breathtaking views. Diano Marina also offers interesting ideas for lovers of culture. The Palace of the Library in the heart of a park near the sea of Diano Marina offers, on the first floor, in the Municipal Museum, remains of animals, fossils and paleontological collection.

At the reception our guests can find brochures and documentation useful for different itineraries.